Kevin Duffy's Home Page. Hosts the QuasiG and SourceFilter programs, as well as a discussion of limits in 100 m sprinting, and use of logistic models for SARS and Foot and Mouth Disease forecasting. Oh, and a few Amusing jokes and song interpretations.
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Lion Rampant == Coat of ArmsThis Kevin is a resident of Sydney, NSW, Australia. This site was initially established to host a freeware program (QuasiG) and offer information on some issues of interest to Sydney residents and those concerned with the pollution issues presented by living in big cities.

It also hosts the SourceFilter programming utility.

However, some of the most popular pages here are the pages related to predicting performance limits in 100 m sprinting - using logistic equations. Several pages showing the application of logistic equations to the 2003 SARS epidemic, and the 2001 UK foot and mouth epidemic are also popular.

Some Interests

Kevin Duffy

I've been a supporter of the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs since childhood, and am interested in the environment, science, engineering and technology.

An example of my technology interests is my curiousity with the Penrose tiling pattern, which led me to write a Microsoft windows version ( QuasiG ) of Eric Weeks's free Unix tiling program. Work on this and various web pages here motivated me to write the SourceFilter programming utility. The logistic equations in 100 m sprinting is another example of my inquisitive statistical mind.

I'm also interested in broad range of new original music. By this I mean creative new stuff - the kind of stuff played on Australia's non-ads National FM radio station Triple J

An example of the creative new stuff played on Triple J is the cyberspace phenomenon of Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen, and Laurie Andersen's O Superman

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Contact Information: K Duffy(click here to email).

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